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we don't just sell houses, we help create homes.

Your home is a very personal, valuable asset, and choosing the correct real estate agent is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. We would love to work tirelessly, strategically and closely with you to sell your home for the highest price possible, in the shortest amount of time. We would love to be there for you to advise on pricing, staging, designing and showcasing your property. Be there for you to offer the best in class marketing to attract more potential buyers in the Pacific Northwest and buyers relocating nationally and globally. Be there for you when it comes to qualifying buyers, negotiating, and be there for you through every step of the transaction.
But we always ask one question. Is a professional from the Home Guide team going to be the best fit for you?


When you choose Home Guide you choose the HGS team. Together we challenge conventional thinking, strive to out-perform, and are relentless in providing the service you deserve. Our team network includes our partner realtors and attorneys to land experts and regional officials so we can give you the best support. We do things differently, but strategically to guide you towards a successful transaction.


No, not Crafted in Coeur d'Alene, but we do recommend it if you have not been! Crafted is what we have done with every system and strategy we provide. From our hand crafted print and digital campaigns to our crafted team mind-set, knowledge, skills and expertise. We bring it all to stay ahead of the curve.

no nonsense

We love to joke, laugh, and have fun. But when it gets down to it we are a no nonsense team that is always prepared. We ensure that everyone involved whether its you, our vendors, marketing team, sales, or other parties in your home sale are fully educated and aware everything happening.


Working with Home Guide you'll have access to some of the most saught after marketing tools in the real estate industry. We have an in house creative team that specializes in residential and commercial real estate marketing. They market your property so well that it may make you reconsider selling after you see what they produce! See the marketing page for more details about our services we provide to you.​

local & global exposure

print advertising

mail campaigns

unique property website

magazine & newspaper

social media promotion

smart signage

open houses &
broker opens

in house marketing team

expert online marketing and advertisement


pro video production

3d virtual reality tours

3d floor plans


local & global exposure

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