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Like you, we have families and have dealt personally with buying new homes and relocating. Whether you are looking for a home for you, you and your family, or an investment property, when working with Home Guide professionals you are apart of our family. We understand the significance of your investment and our niche is not only finding houses through local resources, but going beyond the norm to find your perfect home. We don't wait around to find the house that fits your needs, our team takes the home search to an entirely new level.
Whether you are looking for home, acreage, lakefront, a vacation rental or investment property, we've got you covered from residential to commercial properties.

no nonsense

We love to joke, laugh, and have fun. But when it gets down to it we are a no nonsense team that is always prepared. We ensure that everyone involved whether its you, our vendors, marketing team, sales, or other parties in your home buying experience are fully educated and aware everything happening.

NO NONSENSE (Continued.. its important)

Having a buyers agent is not 100% FREE. Sellers and their listing agents set the price of buyer's representative services. Think about it. A certain percentage of the purchase price goes directly to the the buyer's agent. It's just reduced from the seller's proceeds. It is of the utmost importance to our team to have full transparency to all sides of our transactions. We want you to be fully aware of every step in the buying process.

let home guide be your waze

With Home Guide you are hiring an entire team. Our collective database, local knowledge, and network throughout the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia is working for you. We are on the ground, accessing hidden markets, and working tirelessly to find you the right property.
We can tour around all day, but once we find your property we unleash all of our resources. As your trusted advocate and real estate partner, we will fiercely negotiate, oversee vendors with you, review contingencies, land use, and legal procedures.

relocation concierge service

Our buyers receive presidential service. Not only do we go out of our way to find deals that may not even be listed to the public. We provide other concierge services to anyone relocating. Like filming and creating 3D virtual reality tours of homes for you to view remotely. This helps eliminate unnecessary costs and trips for you and your family.
Flying in? No problem, we help you coordinate everything from having a car ready at the airport and working with you on hotel accommodations to dining. Plus you'll have exclusive Home Guide access to our established connections from tours, venues, entertainment, and much more!
Our team brings an entirely new meaning to the home search and remote-online home searching experience.

full service

We are not changing the way real estate is done, we are just staying in front of the changes.

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